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Blue Dart certified as a Great Place to Work for the 11th Year

by Mahua Special Editor

Blue Dart, South Asia’s premier express air and integrated transportation & Distribution Company and a part of the Deutsche Post DHL (DPDHL) Group, has been certified as a Great Place to work once again, by the Great Place to Work® Institute for the Financial Year 2021-2022. A jewel that has been an integral part of Blue Dart’s crown for 11 years now, has been added to Blue Dart’s roster of accomplishments once again.

With the lockdown diaries continuing to stir up a storm in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environment, Blue Dart has truly actioned upon its foundational value of keeping its ‘People First’. The organization has launched a number of initiatives keeping the health and safety of its employees at the forefront of its operations while ensuring that all their teams across India feel stability on the work front.

Balfour Manuel, Managing Director, Blue Dart commented on the certification saying, “Over the last year, the world has witnessed a tsunami of challenges posed to industries across verticals. Blue Dart’s strength lies in our people force, a statement that was proven, once again, during this period; our people went above and beyond to deliver exceptional service quality at every touchpoint and this remains our market differentiator. Being recognized as a Great Place to Work reinforces our ‘people first philosophy’; it goes to show that if the organization recognizes the needs of its employees, addresses their concerns and rightfully gives back to the employee, the employee will give back to the organization, three-fold; the DPDHL Group coins the phrase ‘Respect and Results’ denoting exactly this.

At Blue Dart, this has been a tried and tested success strategy through all our 37 years of operations. It is because of this, that our organization continues to foster a culture where the average tenure of an employee is at 18 years, signifying a strong relationship between the employee and the organization.  We are thoroughly delighted to see Blue Dart certified as a Great Place to Work for the 11th Year!” , he added.

Rajendra Ghag, Chief Human Resources Officer, Blue Dart continues, “We are truly honoured to be certified as a Great Place to Work for the 11th Year. Over the course of the last Financial Year (FY2020-21), the pandemic played a central role in all our lives whether that be at an organizational or an individual level. Blue Dart understands its people and we knew that providing guidance, job stability, financial stability and introducing measures to reduce the risk of contagion, were key to ensuring that our people felt safe and secure at the workplace. In light of this, compensation was given in time along with merit-based increments, a special COVID Bonus was provided to employees, to reward the outstanding work that had been done even amidst a raging pandemic.

To ensure that the health and safety of the frontliners as well as our customers remain unscathed, Blue Dart introduced the Contact Less Delivery Service. The company immediately announced specific COVID related health benefits and actioned Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that focused on providing a positive outlet to employees for all mental health-related issues as well as any day to day issues that may affect their quality of life.”, he added.

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