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SITA has been awarded Carbon Neutral accreditation.

by Mahua Special Editor

Global air transport IT provider SITA has released its CSR report for the year, which indicates that the company will become carbon neutral by or before 2022, despite the pandemic. This result is far ahead of the Paris Agreement’s aviation industry goals, such as 2030 and 2050.

Through the company’s Planet+ program, SITA has implemented its goal to lessen its climate impact. The program attempts to define emissions, measure them using RSK Group and lower

Planet+ lowered overall emissions by 48% in 2020, resulting in about 11,423 tons of CO2 emissions.

Several activities have been implemented to achieve this goal, including switching to renewable energy sources, using green energy providers, optimizing office space, using energy-efficient devices, and developing telecommunications initiatives to minimize in-person meetings.

The organization declared in 2019 that it will be striving to become a Carbon Neutral company by 2022, which would then go through the CarbonNeutral® Protocol. This protocol calls for organizations to balance their carbon dioxide emissions by counting their operations’ emissions, reducing their numbers, and then using verified carbon offset programs to cancel out the remainder (SDGs).

A number of major global frameworks highlight SITA’s commitment to becoming a responsible and sustainable business. SITA has been reporting its economic, environmental, and social performance since 2011 using the GRI disclosure methodology. The UN Global Compact requires signatories to commit to implementing sustainability practices and principles that promote UN aims.

SITA has been certified to ISO14001:2015 (Environmental Management Systems – EMS) in seven of its main offices since 2014.

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