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One year of service in Lyon by Qatar Airways Cargo and ECS Group

by Mahua Special Editor

Qatar Airways Cargo, the world’s largest integrated GSSA, and ECS Group celebrate a year of air cargo services from Lyon, France. Lyon was supposed to be a summer destination for Qatar Airways before the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, it was quickly rebuilt as a highly profitable cargo gateway.

It’s possible to fly four times a week from France’s Lyon airport to more than 50 destinations in Asia and the Far East via Doha using a flexible mix of the passenger to cargo conversions (the B777-300 and A350-900), as well as full freighters (the B787-9 and A330). Lyon’s North and South America routes are available via Qatar Airways Cargo’s regional hubs in Liège (LGG) and Luxembourg (LUX).

Doha, Qatar Airways Cargo. Air Canada operates a global network of roughly 60 cargo and 140 passenger destinations. Freighters include two 747-8s, six B777-300ER and 26 777s with a huge RFS network. The cargo carrier invests extensively in its products, services, quality handling, infrastructure, facilities, personnel, and procedures. Qatar Airways Cargo’s We Qare sustainability program aims to give back to the communities it serves.

The global leader in airline GSSA, CS Group. ECS Group knows it can rely on its 1,200+ international staff to provide high-quality service tailored to each partner. By 2020, ECS Group will have handled over 1,000,000 tons for its airline clients, helping them expand globally. As a favored partner and GSSA in the shipping business.

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