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Agusta’ is Leonardo’s new luxury brand.

by Mahua Special Editor

Over the weekend in Dubai, Leonardo debuted the new “Agusta” branding for its AW range of VIP and business helicopters. This news came on the heels of introducing the company’s AW609 AC4 civil tilt-rotor, which was on display at Falcon Aviation Services’ “Casa Agusta,” an upmarket urban heliport terminal idea that can be replicated in numerous markets, is modular, and readily transportable.

The Casa Agusta concept, according to the company, “will support the development of a network of point-to-point connections for both urban transfers and connections between cities, while meeting growing demands for sustainable and modern vertical lift mobility, as well as greater access to urban areas, while providing VIP and charter passengers “levels of service typically available in larger private airliners.”

“With Agusta, we provide our VIP operators with a powerful brand that they can immediately recognize and identify with, a symbol that reflects their desire for perfection and quality with a personal touch and distinctiveness, including their flying experience. We want them to be themselves before departure, during flight, and when they reach their destination, distinguishing themselves from others. The power and awareness of the Agusta brand legacy live on in this market segment,” said Leonardo Helicopters managing director Gian Piero Cutillo.

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