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Embraer’s agricultural aircraft sales have more than doubled

by Mahua Special Editor

Embraer’s agricultural aviation branch finished September with 50 Ipanema EMB-203 aircraft sold for the year. This is more than double the total number of units sold in 2020. The surge in orders indicates Brazil’s agriculture sector’s robust performance and confidence among farmers and aero-agricultural companies for 2022, who now account for 30% of new orders.

Brazil’s agricultural aviation depends on the Ipanema because it is an efficient, productive, cost-effective, and reliable tool for agribusiness. When it came to results in the first quarter of this year, Embraer’s agricultural aviation division president Sany Onofre remarked, “We were happy. But with each new delivery, we have raised our confidence in the projection for the following years”.

“This model blends cutting-edge technology with the heritage of an aircraft that has evolved to meet the demands of modern agriculture for great products and low costs, particularly when compared to other crop sprayers.

After being certified and mass-produced to fly on renewable energy in 2005, the Ipanema has been Embraer’s first biofuel-powered aircraft, setting the standard for the company’s historic biofuels research and application throughout its history in aviation. The aircraft is the aerial spraying industry leader with a 60 percent national market share and nearly 1,500 delivered units.

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