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Global Medical Response orders up to 44 new Airbus helicopters

by Mahua Special Editor

Global Medical Response (GMR) has placed a definite order with Airbus for 21 helicopters from the H125, H130, and H135 families, with an additional 23 aircraft available if needed. In the previous 18 months, GMR has taken possession of 15 new Airbus helicopters as part of its fleet growth initiative, totalling 133 aircraft.

GMR provides service through a variety of operational brands, including Air Evac Lifeteam, Guardian Flight, Med-Trans Corp., and REACH Air Medical Services, which together will carry more than 125,000 patients by 2020. ‘We fly a wide range of Airbus aircraft, but the essential feature we seek in critical care transport solutions is reliability,’ said Rob Hamilton, president of GMR Alliances Group.

To provide patients with the best chance of survival, we utilize our Airbus aircraft to respond quickly and safely. “These new aircraft have strengthened and improved our fleet’s ability to save lives when it matters most.”

With more than 38,000 workers, GMR is one of the largest operators of Airbus helicopters in the business. GMR provides air, ground, and specialist fire services, as well as managed medical transports. Med-Trans Corp. and REACH Air Medical Services are just a few of GMR’s many operational brands that provide healthcare services. These operations will transfer more than 125,000 patients by the year 2020. GMR already has a fleet of 133 Airbus helicopters, and this new purchase will bring that number up to 134.

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