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The PC-7 ‘MKX’ trainer from Pilatus has been unveiled at the Dubai Airshow.

by Mahua Special Editor

Pilatus Aircraft has introduced a new turboprop trainer. At the Dubai Airshow, the new PC-7 MKX combines the PC-7 Mk II’s airframe and engine with a 21st-century avionics suite and cockpit displays that make it fit for a new generation of student pilots.

The PC-7 MKX is aimed at the military primary training sector, where its performance, ease of maintenance and repair, benign handling, and attractive running costs are desirable. Introduce contemporary avionics and displays while teaching basic flying abilities helps students progress to advanced training and front-line types.

A turboprop trainer was invented by Pilatus with the PC-7 Turbo-Trainer, which was widely distributed worldwide, including the UAE. The 1980s PC-9 acquired a stepped cockpit and more power, eventually becoming the Beechcraft T-6 Texan II.

A moving map and engine and crew alarms can be projected (EICAS). Optional features include synthetic vision, traffic advisory, autopilot, cockpit camera, and mission debriefing. Ground-based training technologies include virtual reality and a full-flight simulator.

The PC-9’s enhanced airframe and avionics are combined with the PC-7’s original PT6A-25C engine. The PC-7 Mk II was also sold in South Africa (the Astra), India, and Malaysia.

The PC-7 MKX is positioned as a cheaper alternative to the PC-21, which has been sold to Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, where it performs advanced training for PC-7 graduates. An entirely new design, the aircraft is a step up to the modern military cockpit or flight deck. Each cockpit has a large primary flight display with numerous flight modes.

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