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XO envisions a game-changer with the help of external experts at Dubai Airshow

by Mahua Special Editor

However, the team members come from Lyft, Apple, Amazon, and Dyson, rather than aviation experience.

Experts in technology and customer service will be added to the company, Mouallem said. We want to give our customers a better experience. A Middle Eastern market is ripe for our tech story, which includes shared seats and an intuitive operating portal. In the U.S., this has revolutionized the sector, and we’re bringing it to Europe.”

XO Jets members have access to 180 dedicated XO and VistaJet aircraft and 2,100 other safety-vetted aircraft. Our customers can use the app to search and book flights “”Moutelam” Pricing, scheduling, and aircraft types are all very transparent. That’s a big change.

Seat-sharing flights are about ten times cheaper than charter flights, exposing the industry to a new set of clients. Our global business saw a 66% rise in new users this quarter. In EMEA, XO Jets and VistaJet have experienced a 166% growth in new clients.

A private plane usually seats three. Using XO doubled passenger capacity. Cheapening the sector. Since the pandemic has spread, individuals are avoiding airports, visa inspections, and vaccine checks.” “A perfect storm accelerated the switch.”

All operators can connect and input their availability, location, and schedules using the XO technology. An operator portal supports the client-facing software. In this way, it gives the consumer the best price.

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