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DC Aviation Al-Futtaim has added new members to its maintenance staff.

by Mahua Special Editor

Stephen McAteer, Director of Maintenance and Post Holder – Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO), and Christopher Rosewarne, Head of Maintenance and Post Holder – CAR 145, have joined DC Aviation Al-management Futtaim’s team.

In addition to military, commercial and corporate jet operations, Chris Rosewarne has nearly 40 years of CAMO experience. Chris worked with Execujet Middle East before joining DCAF. His role at DCAF will be to improve customer relationships, provide exceptional service, and offer value.

“We are pleased to welcome Stephen and Christopher to DC Aviation Al-Futtaim,” stated Holger Ostheimer, Managing Director. They bring vast industry expertise, experience, and managerial skills. They share DCAF’s enthusiasm for quality and customer service. New appointments will benefit clients and improve business jet maintenance services.

“With the new leadership at the helm, we are fully committed to expanding our maintenance division’s capabilities,” he added. With the planned investments and our new staff, we are optimistic we will be able to achieve and surpass our customer’s expectations.

Aside from CAR 145 approval, DCAF can assist operators from Cayman Island and Bermuda. The company is also awaiting approvals for Aruban-registered aircraft. DCAF will also spend heavily in increased component support for wheels, batteries, and sheet metal repair to help its customers. From spare parts supply, procurement, and storage to maintenance and airworthiness certification, customers can expect comprehensive maintenance assistance. Its special product includes two modern hangers of 5700sqmeach with ample capacity for business jets and ultra long  too like Falcon7x.

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