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In the United States, Moroccan military pilots learn to fly Apaches.

by Mahua Special Editor

By order of Sultan Mohammed III, Morocco became one of the first countries to recognise the newly founded United States and opened its ports to American ships in 1777 By forging a treaty of peace and friendship in 1786, and Morocco became the United States’ longest-lasting ally in American history

General Abdelfattah Louarak, Royal Moroccan armed forces Chief of Staff, was briefed on the Apache when he visited the United States in April of this year. It was in July 2019 when Colonel Khaled Samit, commanding officer of the FRA’s AeroCombat squadron, became the first Moroccan pilot to fly the AH-64 in Utah.

State Department approval of a probable $4.25 billion sale of 36 AH-64Es and accompanying equipment to Morocco was acknowledged by the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) in a press statement issued in November 2019. In this agreement, 24 new AH-64Es were believed to be included, with the possibility to purchase an additional 12 Apache helicopters.

According to reports, Morocco chose the Apache after rejecting the Turkish TAI T129, which Moroccan authorities said “did not meet expectations” during a deployment in Syria. However, it has just come to light that Morocco is once again in talks with Turkey for the sale of 22 T129s to supplement its new Apaches.

The North African Kingdom will not get Apache supplies until 2024 at the earliest. The Boeing attack helicopter will arrive in Morocco as the 17th country to obtain one.

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