Home DefenseDefence Egypt’s EDEX 2021 will include defence and military operations systems provided by Airbus.

Egypt’s EDEX 2021 will include defence and military operations systems provided by Airbus.

by Mahua Special Editor

Tactilon Agnet, a cloud-based collaboration service, is on display at the company’s H2-D52 show stand. Using a hybrid approach that incorporates the best of both Tetra and broadband technologies, Tactilon Agnet is a secure, push-to-talk system. Connectivity and efficiency will be improved, as well as safety and security, thanks to this vehicle’s cutting-edge technology. Military and defence personnel can utilise Tactilon Agnet to securely communicate, send multimedia messages, and exchange live video with their colleagues with a single click.

Tactilon Agnet is also equipped with emergency calls and real-time location monitoring so that military and defence professionals may better coordinate and respond to any situation.

The technology is a cutting-edge, user-friendly, adaptable, and scalable group collaboration solution that works well for small and large groups alike. To facilitate the coordination of large field teams requiring real-time communications, military and defence officials can make use of Tactilon Agnet. With this mission-critical service, employees may share photos of problems or obtain help with a live video whenever they need it.

Tactilon Agnet’s compatibility is also being shown by Airbus at EDEX. 3GPP standards and hybrid network solutions are supported by the technology. When it comes to moving from narrowband systems like DMR and P25 to wideband systems like TETRA and Tetrapol, the latter is the best option because it doesn’t necessitate disruptive change programmes.

Mission-critical services can be hosted on an organization’s own servers or those of a trusted third party.

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