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Passengers scramble for flights because of the Omicron variant.

by Mahua Special Editor

Walsh stated: “New coronavirus variant is causing fear among the travelling public because of the emergency response from government authorities. A coordinated data-driven approach that avoids border closures and quarantine must be implemented as soon as possible, based on the lessons learned in recent years. Long-term control of COVID variants cannot be achieved by imposing travel restrictions.”

Incorporating sensible and effective testing procedures is a possibility. Pre-departure and post-arrival PCR tests will continue to be required for those who have not been immunized. The United Kingdom has added ten African countries to its red list since Friday. For solo travellers, the quarantine hotel costs £2,285 for ten days of quarantine.

“I’m very disappointed to see this knee-jerk reaction by governments to the latest development,” said Mr. Walsh, director-general of the International Air Transport Association, on BBC Radio 4’s Today program.

These measures have been completely ineffective in the past, but they impose enormous hardship on people who are trying to connect with family and friends and clearly massive financial damage to the tourism and airline industries.”

Walsh said the failure of similar requirements to prevent a second coronavirus wave in the UK after they were implemented in May last year shows they “do not have any long-term benefits” and are “not the answer.” Mr. Walsh said.

His reasoning was this: he believed that by implementing tried-and-true testing procedures, travellers would be allowed to continue travelling without fear.

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