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Bestfly on the front foot – home and away

by Mahua Special Editor

There are usually months of planning and preparation before an airline launches a new service in a new country.

That luxury is no longer available when an archipelago that relies only on air transportation suddenly loses its single airline operator.

As of mid-July, Bestfly was operating 12 sectors every day out of the Senegalese archipelago, a distance of 630 kilometres (340 nautical miles). He reported in July that they were flying for 10 hours a day. Sectors range in length from 12 minutes to 1 hour and 10 minutes.

For the first time, we’ve handled a high-volume service like this. With one plane, we were flying 500 flights a month. As a result, “we’ve had load levels in excess of 80%.”

The TICV operation is being reformed to ensure its long-term viability.

First, the Cabo Verde Government signed a six-month contract with Bestfly on an emergency basis, but the Angolan airline intends to keep its service in the archipelago long-term after acquiring the island’s domestic airline, TICV.

With the arrival of two new Leonardo AW139 helicopters in Angola, Bestfly is expanding its helicopter fleet.

Aba Dhabi Aviation (ADA) is leasing helicopters for offshore oil and gas services, according to Pereira. For medevac duties, they will be equipped.

Several large oil firms, such as Total, Exxon, and BP, have contracts with Bestfly.

Expected monthly missions include search-and-rescue missions, medical evacuations, and other ad-hoc tasks.

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