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For Kuwait Airways, there is plenty of room for many flight simulators.

by Mahua Special Editor

Kuwait Airways’ existing A320 CEET will be upgraded, as well as a widebody CEET on motion and a cockpit trainer built by the Ras Al Khaimah-based business.

For training purposes, the B747 door trainers imitate both lower and upper deck exits. Trainers for B737 Max door and CEET motion, as well as cockpit simulators, will accompany them. A wide range of aircraft exits will be available for both the CEET on motion and cockpit trainer.

Spatial will also be in charge of modernizing an existing A320 CEET in addition to the new equipment.

The remaining components will be improved or replaced if necessary in order to meet current safety standards and requirements. With the aid of these tools, the entire crew will be prepared for any emergency that may arise while at sea.

A new state-of-the-art aviation training facility in Kuwait will house the devices when they are completed. The institution will be responsible for training hundreds of pilots each year.

For Marc Van Den Broucque, Spatial’s CEO: “We are very pleased to support Kuwait Airways with the setup of their new ATO, which is a world-class facility. As a result, Kuwait Airways’ existing and future fleets will be better prepared for flight crew training.

Kuwait Airways CEO Maen Razouqi stated, “We at Kuwait Airways are dedicated to maintaining maximum safety in all our flight operations.”

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