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EgyptAir Training Academy now has new international accreditation.

by Mahua Special Editor

Passed the European Agency for Safety and Flight “EASA /ATOs” certification process. The European Civil Aviation Authority recently conducted a thorough review of the training programmes, quality standards, administrative structure of the training centre, and the instructors to ensure compliance with the agency’s specifications and requirements.

The agency also looked into the approvals of the various flight simulators, including the A320, A330, and A340, B777, and B737-800 models.

The European Union has designated the training centre as a regional training centre in the Middle East and Africa after conducting this evaluation.

EGYPTAIR TRAINING CENTER has been approved by the International Aviation Training Organization (IATA) as one of the world’s leading training centres in the field of aviation training.

When entering into a partnership or agreement with a company or organisation that requires this certification, this accreditation is considered essential.

As a result of receiving this international accreditation, EGYPTAIR TRAINING CENTER is now able to compete with centres throughout the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, as well as demonstrating how far it has come in keeping pace with global training trends.

Egyptair Training Center is eligible to compete in the European market for training pilots because it is one of the few centres in Arab and African countries that provides this type of training for European customers in accordance with EU specifications and internationally approved methods.

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