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787-9 delivered to an unidentified client by Greenpoint Technologies.

by Mahua Special Editor

Faster than the first Boeing 787-8 V-VIP, Greenpoint reworked the aeroplane in eight (8) months. For this V-VIP Boeing 787-9, the business used comprehensive planning, methods, and a 10-year knowledge foundation of complicated Boeing 787 systems and structures. Greenpoint has completed five (5) V-VIP Boeing 787 interiors thus far, cementing the company’s status as the world’s premier Boeing 787 completion facility.

Component manufacturer Greenpoint Technologies completed a Boeing 787-9 interior for an unnamed customer. It claims to have finished eight months ahead of schedule compared to the first VVIP Boeing 787-8 that flew.

Over the previous decade, Greenpoint has constructed five Boeing 787 VVIP interiors.

Klaus Koester, CEO of Greenpoint, stated, “Greenpoint is thrilled for the chance to work with such a fantastic customer, and we are happy to redeliver our first Boeing 787-9 completion in record time!”

Greenpoint worked closely with the client’s representatives to create the custom cabin, integrating cutting-edge technologies and technology with exquisite interior design.

With discrete VIP spaces and a large, multi-functional living space that includes woven textiles, wood veneers, and elaborate metallic detail, the main cabin responds to the client’s specific demands.

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