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Launch of Etihad Worldpass by the airline for frequent fliers

by Mahua Special Editor

The newly launched Etihad WorldPass allows the airline’s customers to purchase a travel subscription which offers complete flexibility and ease with rearranging bookings throughout the year.

Etihad WorldPass is available for travel between the UAE and select destinations including the GCC, India, Pakistan, UK and Ireland. Guests can choose between booking a subscription to a single destination or a cluster, for example, all three Etihad destinations in Saudi Arabia. Frequent flyers and corporate travellers will benefit from being able to pre-book between 6 to 40 flights to use in a 12-month period at preferential rates, available in both Business and Economy classes.

Etihad’s WorldPass guests can have unlimited free rebooking and cancellation. The booking portfolio can be self-serviced and self-managed through the website, or guests have the option to contact Etihad’s WorldPass dedicated 24/7 contact centre.

Martin Drew, Senior Vice President Sales and Cargo, Etihad Airways, added, “Etihad launched the WorldPass to meet the frequent travellers’ demands on flexibility, ease of booking and cost-efficient travel management. The subscription platform is available on the Etihad website and guests can simply choose their preferred destinations.

“For frequent travellers, this eases some of the travel booking process meaning their next trip is just a few simple clicks away. The preferential rates make the subscription offer worthwhile for those flying as a group or taking multiple trips to and from the same destination. Particularly in the GCC, many of Etihad’s guests are regular commuters between GCC markets and have positive feedback on this new travel model.”

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