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Exceeding their customer expectations

by Mahua Special Editor
Nael A. Attiyat of Royal Jordanian Airlines

Nael A. Attiyat of Royal Jordanian Airlines

How do you describe your management style? How did you reshape RJ Cargo since your move from International Logistics Player Companies?

Motivate: I’m truly believer if you want the best result, you need to lead by example, Motivate, encourage, develop our teams, making sure that they are well equipped with Knowledge and Confidence to do the job

Customer-Centric Culture: Build everything around us targeting Customers’ need

Being always close to the Market (locally and globally), Making sure that we understand customers’ Business, challenges, Pressure. Making the necessary changes meeting their needs

In our industry, the product is not tangible. It’s about that feeling when the Customers’ Customer feels Confident with the services offered meets and exceed the expectation

Dynamic: Nowadays it’s more important than ever to be Flexible and Dynamic, Creating New Products or Server levels that meets every Stage of the Supply Chain Changes globally and locally

Result: being Result oriented, eliminate all obstacles, reduce waste, making sure we deliver profitable revenue to the organization

What kind of impact had the Covid pandemic brought on your services and operations? What strategies did you plan to fly beyond this depression?

COVID period was a challenge, especially that we know Globally 60% of the Air Cargo moves on the belly of the Passengers’ Aircraft and 40% on the Freighter Flights

In our case in RJ, it was no different. Hence that triggered the need of Thinking out of the box and being Dynamic

We started to plan ahead of time and obtaining the approvals before March 17th 2020 (lookdown start date in Jordan), having in mind two major factors

1. Serving the Local Market at its best from

a. Exporting of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, Pharma Product and other strategic products

b. Importing all kinds of Products, Mainly Medical Kits to fight and test COVID, Spare Parts, E-Commerce …

2. Respond to the Global demand in Connecting Special Cargo via AMM, presenting Jordan as transit HUB

To serve that demand, we recognized that the Freighter capability wasn’t enough to meet our Plans, so we started the Option of Seat loading on Passengers’ Aircraft; B787 A320 & A319

In this Dynamic, we were the Pioneers in the Middle East to do so among other Airlines

Serving our Local Market at its best and we also utilize Amman as Transit HUB Mainly driven by the Ecommerce Global demand increase; Connecting Fareast and Europe to the Middle East VIA Amman

Because of our Desire, Engagement, and Wellness to standout we succeeded not only to meet but exceed expectations from an Airline of our size

Where does the MENA region, especially the Middle East market, stand internationally in air cargo operations and handling? What is your say on moving it to the highest standings?

Middle East Region is always being a major player in the Global Market not only for the regional Demand but also for the Global Connections and ease the way for multimodal Transportation options

Moving Forward, we can see great plans with connecting Sea with Air and Land, where the development opportunity at this stage strategically is the Railway options and connection the Chain from Air-Ocean-Land with on-time performance Air-Ground Handling is a significant component as always said, “The Strength of the Chain is in The Weakest Link “,

Major Part of The Middle East countries have made the required investments in this area, and others have just noticed the importance of a systematic and highly Standardized Cargo Terminal Handling, especially now when the Focus has increased on Cargo after the COVID effect

I believe at this stage we will see part of the Major investment will go to that area because of the Growing need and importance

Jordan Have always been a major Played on this historically, since the Days of “Silk Road “; Performing as Transportation HUB by all means, and now we are building on that Fact not only because of the Geographical Location and the Weather Conditions but also because of the Geopolitical Strength adding to that the fact that RJ have great knowledge and Experience over 50 Years in serving the Region

Being a prominent player in the industry for so long, what kind of transformations have you witnessed? What is your view on the advent of delivery drones?

Digitization, Tailor made Solutions are growing alongside the Global increase in E-commerce driven by B2C and C2C growth that we experience every Day, Especially after the Trust that was built around that area during the COVID period.

As Last-mile deliveries; The Delivery stops started to be lower in average weight, much more frequent as a ratio to B2B and less common to the business Addresses, as it’s moving from Corporate Deliveries to Consumer home addresses.

I believe that Drones effectiveness compared to Van or Truck delivery will start to be much more feasible and effective as it will make more sense to overcome the challenge in the cost per stop and motion

From my point of view, Drones Deliveries will be coming soon, and once the utilization of the delivery stops starts to be a challenge, especially in the Areas that traffic and cost of delivery are high

You must be considering the expansion of your services and hubs. Can you share those plans with us?

Royal Jordanian Airlines will play a significant role in the future of logistics in the Middle East, supported by the facts of having the Great Geographical Location, Mixed with Fantastic Weather Condition for Cargo, at the top of that Jordan Geopolitical relation is a Major advantage, alongside the Experience, and Cost, all of that together is the formula to Successful and reliable Transit HUB activity

We in RJ have a great focus on Developing our Products and Services, which comes in two aspects

1. Network: we are setting our short-term and long-term plan in increasing the Capacity to connect the Middle East to the World

2. Transit HUB: Investing in our HUB services, making sure what we promise is delivered on the Ground

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