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Providing better overall value through services

by Mahua Special Editor
Mr. Ziad Al-Hazmi CEO - Lufthansa Technik Middle East

Mr. Ziad Al-Hazmi, CEO – Lufthansa Technik Middle East

Amazing and accomplished journey from a Project Consultant with AHA group in 1995 to CEO of Lufthansa Technik Middle East (LTME). What would be the best way for you to share your ideas and motivate our readers?

“I personally believe that dedication and determination are what led me to where I am today, constantly learning, improving and growing is one of the most important things of all. I strongly stand by the statement, “If you are the smartest person in the room, than you are in the wrong room”. “ Ziad Al Hazmi

Lufthansa Technik ME and JORAMCO have signed an MoU recently. Can you throw some light on your strategic deal?

Our plan at Lufthansa Technik ME is to further build up our partnerships, increasing our local capacity, capability and ultimately expand our footprint further. The MoU signing with Joramco focuses on in-house capability buildup and expertise sharing in order to provide higher value to our end-customers, providing the airline a cost effective solution.

Pandemic, particularly in the Middle East, have had a major impact on aviation. What growth strategies do you have in place now that the Covid has been contained?

Although the Aviation industry was heavily impacted by COVID-19, we have learned to adapt to new and better ways of doing business. The pandemic has allowed companies all over the world to revise their existing business models to better achieve the goals that matters most to them, and showed us what true resilience is. Our growth strategy, similar to what it was in the past is to expand our footprint by taking full advantage of the market size in the Middle East. Our main aim is to continuously bring value-added services to the region by keeping up with the latest technological advancements, serving our customers better.

Could you brief us on the ‘Explorer’ concept that was previewed at Monaco Yacht Show? Can you share your thoughts on this new project?

At the Monaco Yacht Show 2021, Lufthansa Technik, the world’s leading provider of cabin interiors for  VIP and government aircraft, has presented for the first time a preview of a new pioneering cabin design study for long-haul aircraft. The design, called ‘Explorer‘, is based on the current trend for superyachts of the same name, which optimally fulfill their owners’ wishes to “go anywhere at any time” and “discover the world.” Lufthansa Technik will present the complete study with further “surprises” at the Dubai Air Show in November of this year.

For the design study, the specialists of Lufthansa Technik’s VIP business chose the Airbus Corporate Jet ACJ330 as the platform. As a classic wide-body aircraft, it offers sufficient space for a large number of new cabin ideas. At the same time, only a few ACJ330 cabin concepts have been presented to the market so far, so a great deal of customer interest can be expected.

In addition to its financial performance, what else about the last year jumps out for Lufthansa Technik Middle East?

Just like many companies in the Aviation industry, our organization took a massive hit in terms of revenue due to the large number of grounded aircrafts. Airlines all over were losing billions of dollars as the restrictions tightened which meant very little business for us as an MRO. We had to quickly adapt and think out of the box to keep business flowing which led to many creative discussions about additional sources of revenue and solutions. We also implemented quite a few changes to our overall strategy and cost structure to help keep us afloat and on the right track to achieve our short and long-term goals. We were able to do this by optimizing our processes through value chain integration, which was, and still is a major focus of ours as well.

The year 2020 has taught us how to work better as a team and helped us focus on what is most important, our customers.

Where do you see Lufthansa Technik`s pace in the Middle East in terms of industrial digitization and modernization keeping up with the latest technological upgrades?

Lufthansa Technik is constantly on the lookout for technical innovations emerging around the world, investing in research and development to help digitally transform the way we do business. With our extensive MRO expertise, we are using the latest technology, exploring the use of data analytics for predictive maintenance, and robotic repairs to modernize the way we conduct our day-to-day business. For instance, our AVIATAR platform offers the entire aviation industry an extensive variety of digital products and services for airlines, MROs, OEMs and lessors by combining multiple applications in one place.

As of last year, our team at LTME managed to create our first in-house IT system for resource tracking and planning purposes ultimately aiding in creating more accurate customer offers and better turn-around-time. We are also working with local partners and educational institutions to develop new systems using the latest digital and technological trends to improve work efficiency and productivity.

Is there any way Lufthansa Technik is planning to increase its regional presence? What are your new business plans in the Middle East?

The MRO market in the Middle East is one of the fastest growing ones in the world, offering many opportunities for growth and development. We already provide comprehensive component supply and the repair of structural and composite materials for airline and VIP customers as well as maintenance operations on all short and medium-haul Airbus and Boeing aircraft including Cyclean® Engine Wash service. Our Airframe Related Components (ARC) pool provides access to the complete range of spare parts for CFM56-5B and GE90 engines. Currently, our plan is to identify further opportunities in the market and to further develop our value services to meet the needs of our customers. We are continuously working on strengthening and forming long-term customer relationships, as they are the driving force behind our company’s success. The aim is to provide a better overall value to our partners.

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